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Life is a Balancing Act

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Life is a Balancing Act

"Balanced Rock, Arches National Park, Utah"

Life is all about balance, achieving perspective and growing as an individual.

Over the years I have taken many trips to America's national parks with many different cameras. Starting with my pre-digital days with an Olympus Stylus point and shoot film camera to my first digital camera a Canon Powershot 100, then progressing to a Canon Powershot G1 and then temporarily borrowing a Nikon Coolpix and now shooting with Canon digital SLRs. My purpose back then in taking photos were with I'm here and you're not manner. I really did not take into account very seriously composition, exposure and the use of light. I did not even know what aperture mode was on my camera?! So all my photos were taken mainly in the automatic (dummy) mode.

When I got my first digital SLR camera (a Canon Digital Rebel), I came across this article by travel photographer Phil Douglis. I read the second paragraph and I screamed out to myself, I'm at phase two and phase three is what I have been searching for!

Most travel photographers start out by making pictures of things to simply describe what they see. I call this the literal travel snapshot. Some, however, will eventually move on to a second phase and making aesthetically pleasing pictures that enhance what they saw. I call this the artistic snapshot - essentially the same as a lovely picture post card or a calendar illustration. This cyberbook does not concern itself with either of these phases. Instead, I demonstrate what goes into a third phase in interpreting the things you see on your travels to express meaning to others. I call these pictures expressive images. -Excerpt from Phil Douglis

I know I have a lot to learn and whole lifetime to master this art form called photography.

Okay, so that was a long introduction to say this is Balanced Rock in Arches National Park located in Utah.

Go see it in person before it topples over!

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Happy Travels!

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